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Adepticon 2019

Wow I’m having a blast a my first Adepticon ! it’s better than what I expected! I want to thank Jeremy Olsen from Empire of Ghosts for Hosting an Awesome Necromunda tournament his terrain is amazing I have seen it … Continue reading

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Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Servohaulers weathering

Hello and happy New year everyone! So over the holiday I got some new MiG Weathering paint the brush able/ air brush paint , and some AK-Interactive weathering brushes. I got Dark Rust(A.MIG-041) medium rust(A.MIG-040) And light rust(A.MIG-039) So I … Continue reading

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Welcome to my under hive

I’m almost ready to post my gang and someone bounty hunters and hangers on this weekend. Just a little more paint is required. In the meantime here is the set up from my last League game. My terrain is getting … Continue reading

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Necromunda Gang War 3 Campaign

Yep that’s right it Campaign time and got my Escher Gang done in time! My first game Scenario 2:Looters I got defender so my girls had to defend the loot caskets against an attack from Orlocks. I only lost one … Continue reading

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Back into the hive!

I’m slowly getting my terrain back to the awesome collection of Necromunda terrain I used to have back in the day, but who New it would come back a 3rd time I thought after the 2002 rerelease fade away in … Continue reading

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trying to make my Necromonda terrain more Hive like!

Necromunda terrain I have been working on the last few weeks, it’s still a WIP , but it’s starting to be more fun to play on, some of my mates have been playing Necromunda farly regularly again, and so I’m … Continue reading

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