Adeptus Titanicus

So after 2 decades of waiting for A Titanicus reboot I am a very happy camper as they say! Finally after weeks of assembling me an a friend got to play a game using one of each titan and a unit of 3 Knights each, supposedly that qualifies as a Maniple but witch one I don’t know! ;P We played with the basic rules for the first game as not to complicate it to much!

I am very enamored with how they managed to keep the core feel of the game and managed to streamline the command terminals and made them essentially fluid stats keeping card as you can repair some statues in the terminals like void shields the plasma reactor and the critical damage track, but you cannot repair damage to the head body or legs.

We didn’t use stratagems cards this time just the basic mission kill the other titans πŸ˜‰

I must say I really like what I’m calling the crashy-mcsplody variable essentially there are so many random things that can happen when titans experience to many critical hits and you have to roll on the catastrophic table… I will give two examples of this the first was random and hilarious!

My Reaver titan in blue made a short range attack against my friends badly damaged Reaver in green, I caused enough critical hits to hit on the catastrophic table and I did ‘LAID LOW’ the titan moves D6 in a random direction using a scatter dice, and wouldn’t you know it he roles in the direction of my Reaver with a 6″ move crashing into my body damage Reaver causing just enough damage to blow him up in the process! ;P I love that kind of chaos in my game play! The other thing I found out that was new to me was if say your Warhound titan is with in 2 inches of your Warlord titan and the Warhound explodes in place it is considered inside the Warlords Void shields and will cause direct damage to random body parts using the location dice! So lesson learned don’t have your titans to close together. And something you learn the hard way after not playing for many years is don’t let a Warhound titan get behind your Warlord titan they can never turn fast enough to shake them off your back ark which is a add 2 to the results when attacking very devastating! πŸ˜‰

so that’s all I can remember that was interesting form my first game back into the titan carnage! I hope I can finish painting my titans soon, i bought the game preorder but do to a convention I was going to and prepping for and a holiday trip not that long after the con I have not had as much time as I would like to paint them… man I really miss the play the day I bought it GW games of the 80’s so much lest to assemble back then the original titans were snap fit a head a carapace the body and legs were one pice , and two arms a base with a void shield counter in the base and 4 weapons or 3 weapons and a close combat weapon πŸ˜‰ enough gripping for one day old man paint something πŸ˜€

Hope fully I’ll have something to post next week !

See you in the wasteland!

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Making the jump to Adeptus Titanicus 2 and other thoughts on A.T.2

So much awesome the shelves can barely contain it!

So I noticed that GW has been making all there core game boxes black since at least 2015, and all but AoS soul wars has both apposing forces on each end of the long side of the box, this was not apparent till I moved my old box sets to my storage annex and put up all the new GW games I got! The original Adeptus Titanicus was red and various other 40k editions are different colors I also have Gorka Morka which is white with black teeth pattern, Mordheim which is a darker red and brownish looking background art that wraps around from the top of the box lid. So it’s clear the 80’s and 90’s were a brighter grim dark future / or dark fantasy, than the 20’s! πŸ˜› …

Also I’d like to point out that the new scale of Adeptus is “almost” double the hight of the old models here is my old knight next to my new ones!

But in the case of battle titans it is exactly double the height of the original plastic beetle-back titans that came with the original Titanicus box. If I’m lucky I will have time tonight to assemble the battle titan!

Adeptus Titanicus rules and gear!

Old lovely outdated brilliant 80’s colour scheme, and new gritty grim dark cover modernized!

I found a dry erase storage clipboard that can hold all the lovely game Gubbinz and it can hold the cheat sheet and command terminals in the clear dry erase board! Just brilliant!

So Thoughts on the rules so far… I’ve just read the basics rules but in just that part, it still has a good vestige of the original rule set and the some of the things like critical hits done the titans operating systems is now done with dice instead of the old graph that you had to calculate all the damage done to the different systems on the titan. And the new titan command terminals are a lot better then the old ones

I like the more stream line command terminals, the old ones required the user to do a lot of upkeep in game not to mention in the set up which is why I always used mechanical pencils with good erasers as I was always makings adjustments and marking damage down

Old way of setting up your titan get your pencil out

New Command Terminal it has slightly embossed areas for the command side priority marker and weapon cards so if bumped in play it doesn’t go absque to badly.

The new armaments cards are nice and easy to change the load out of your titans! Plus everything you need is there you don’t have to consult weapon sheets for firing arks or weapons traits. I also like when your weapons are damaged you flip the cards over and new effects happen to the weapon or titan most are negative effects that weaken or destroy the weapon. There are damage track on the titan, so the titan has a damage track for head , body , and legs and each has a critical damage track.

At the start of battle, place a status marker in the first (left most) hole of each of the hit location status tracks. During battle, each marker will move along its track as the location suffers damage (calculated using the table below the track). If the marker reaches the end of the track, the titan becomes structurally compromised and further hits to that location are likely to cause Critical damage. That’s only after you have gotten through the titans numerous void Shields.

well that’s all I’m going to cover for now I’ll reserve my judgement for after I have play a few games and I’ve had time to compare it to the original, not to mention I need to read the rest of the book ( I’m a slow reader, it’s not easy when you have

A-D-D) πŸ˜‰ hahaha

And I’ll see you in the wasteland!

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Yeah I finally made the jump to Airbrushing! It started a few weeks ago when I happened into a University Arts store and found a Badger 360 for 70% off! I was like it’s a sign from the Emperor! War-master be praised! I got it and started collecting paint! So far I have been the most impressed by AK Interactive airbrush paint, and Badger’s paint line “Minitaire. Both have good coverage and both work well enough with out thinners or retarding agents and I bought a few different Anti-shine mix to se which one I like best.

Also I liked the look of the Army Painter Project Paint Station, (some assembly required) πŸ˜‰ I find it makes a good place to do my airbrushing from I can bring it outside on nice days or into the kitchen if I want more space or upstairs in the hobby room where it resides. It’s handy because I can have all my base paints and modifiers and cleaning supplies all in one place. And I can keep my current project on it.

So Airbrushing what do I think of it?

Honestly I don’t know why I took this long to get on board with it! I just assumed it would be a lot of work and it’s hard to clean and it’s an investment. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. So I started basic just bought some primer and some base colors, red yellow blue white and black practiced on some old minis I have tons to spare. It didn’t take me to long to get the hang of the two action lever and I tried both the gravity feed and well feed. Currently I’m enjoying Gravity! πŸ˜€ I really like airbrush now I think I going to do a lot more painting miniatures with my airbrush!

also the pointy ear buds or Qtips you find in airbrush cleaning kits are the same as you can find in the makeup isle of super markets, you can buy them in big bags and there cheaper.

Well I look forward to posting what I’m working on this month but I have to prep for a convention so this will have to stand until then.

See you in the wasteland!

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Free guild Order Alliance

So I started a FreeGuild army after hearing the rumors that a New AoS 2.0 would focus on the realm of men again, and decided to do an alliance with Stormcast Eternals an men of the Empire with more of the latter as the bulk of my forces!

I decided to mix my Empire factions form different independent provinces. I like the colour scheme of Nordland and Averland and Talabheim. And my Stormcast is Celestial vindicators! I removed the white and replaced it with purple , and swapped the gold edge highlights with a non metallic golden yellow combo of yellows! I just think it looks better!

As you can see it’s still WIP as I only started building 2 weeks ago but I have been collecting empire boxes for the last 3 years in hopes of starting it one day! Well my dream is almost a reality with just a few box sets left to crack open, I have left to assemble 3 Demigryphs, an empire steam tank, empire greatswords men, and all the artillery units types to build! I can feel it getting closer to fruition!

It’s just that AoS dropped sooner than I expected and all of the stuff being launched at once was not good timing for me πŸ˜‰ I have not even had time to even open the sprue bag of my Malign Sorcery box set.

But I did manage to play a game of AoS 2.0 with the new Generals Handbook and Malign Sorcery

I really do like that you can ramp up the complexity of your AoS games now! I really like that you now choose the Realm you will be playing in We got the realm of beasts it was brutal, we chose a Cockatrice and a manticore! They rampage around the table looking for units to change my friends Spirit hosts got destroyed by The Manticore!

The Sorcery works well but I recommend two Sorcerers and both an offense an defense endless spells as taking one only had its draw backs . I do like the “command point” system, I like that you don’t lose your (CP) at the end of your turn, I also like how it’s tied to Abilities it makes them seam less arbitrary and have a choice, like I can use my Free-peoples abilities to get multiple inspiring presents for my empire units that are within 12″of my General! I like that terrain makes more sense now with forest being able to block line of sight again! And charges and Malee work so much smoother now.

With so much stuff scheduled for release for AoS I’m going to be very busy this year. most of my other projects are on hold till I get this army fully completed! πŸ˜€

Thanks for stopping by and I will See you in the Wasteland!

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Necromunda Gang War 3 Campaign

Yep that’s right it Campaign time and got my Escher Gang done in time! My first game Scenario 2:Looters I got defender so my girls had to defend the loot caskets against an attack from Orlocks. I only lost one Caskets

As usual I provided one table of terrain for the campaign, and I was lucky enough to be assigned to game on it as I was slated to play the Arbitrator for of this campaign for my first game! The terrain is still getting slowly worked on but it is starting to look the way I want my Necromunda terrain to look!

Gang War 3 book weapons

I wanted to point out that using the gang war 3 book is vastly better then just the gang war 1, or 2 books with a much more improved house weapons list for all Gangs produced so far in the new Necromunda game you will have more versatile choices for your Gangs as you level your gang up! Example here is the new House Escher list.

Compare this new Escher weapons list for gang loadouts , as compared to this Gang war 1 weapons list! As you can see a lot better starting weapons choices per house!

Also I got Escher Weapons set #1 from Forge World and after much pondering I bought a second Escher gang box to put the set #1 weapons on. The Escher gang arms require very small magnets if I want swappable arms I figured it’s to much work I just have to make identical body’s and and paint them the same with the new weapons , so their upgrades are just swapping a mini for the other! πŸ˜€

Any how have fun in the hive! And I’ll see you in the wasteland!

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Warhammer 40k lunch!

My Ork have been freed from there hiatus, they were briefly played the first week launch of 8th Edition! Then put on hold as AoS took over my gaming Wednesday nights ,

Seen here battling against a coworkers Nidz. Hoards vs hoards is always an interesting battle of attrition. (Or just a slow grind of dice attacks vs save rolls ) ^_^

So this Friday I played my first ever work hammer game on lunch break we now have a 40k board set up at my work. With 5 coworkers that play Warhammer 40k, it nice to have a game setup now, to play on our down time

Any way still working on a lot of stuff none of which is photo worthy this week k ;P maybe a post next week if it’s ready πŸ™‚

See you in the wasteland!

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Painting 80’/90’s Chaos symbols.

Recently I painted some laser cut MDF AoS close combat ruler a friend made on his laser cutting machine. He made one for everyone in my gaming group. I painted a Tzeentch one for myself and a old 80’s symbol for my best mates Nurgle army, we have both been playing GW games since the early 80’s and are both still enamored with the GW imagery from that time period.

So when I do these I lightly sketch a rough image with a mechanical pencil then I use a wet palette for keeping the paint at a consistent thinness, it’s important not to put to much water in your wet palette, if done right the surface of the palette paper should be Damp! Not, Wet! I introduced a little water at a time mixing the paint thoroughly. So not to make it to runny.
I used mostly GW’s Citadel paint for this project.
I stated applying with a layer brush the colour “Ushabti bone” then do the shadeing with “zandri dust”. Then I used a detailing brush to do the skulls edges with “Rhinox hide”. Then layer brush again , I did the tentacles with “Xereus purple” edges with Rhinox hide again, then did a middle highlight with “Altdorf Guard Blue” then just a thin line of “Warpfiend Grey” . Lastly I filled in the background with Vallejo “Yellow green”(954) for the center and for the edge I used “Skarsnik green” to finish it off and Bobs your uncle!


So for a wet palette you can make one or buy one , any relatively flat shallow container with a lid can be a wet pallet. I bought a Privater Press one but I replaced the not very good grey polyurethane foam with expanding dish sponge you can obtain in most grocers. I do this because it clings better to this surface because it has a much higher surface tension and when just the right amount of water is in the sponge it doesn’t over load the paint with to much water. This way you control the water you add with a dip of the old brush into you water pot then mix to desired amount! I cut the sponge down to fit in my palette I also trim a little off the palette paper so it dose not over hang off the sponge as when it drys it will curl, if the sponge goes further then the paper it won’t curl while you using it. But left for days on end it will, I recommend ringing out the water if your not going to paint for a few weeks or more, and tossing out the old palette paper use a fresh one the next time you paint.
I had not much luck with the foam that comes with the palette , but the container was an ideal size as it fits next to my GW painting station nicely.
Well I hope this might be useful to someone, I should think I will try to endeavor to do more hobby tutorials this year! I have been a bit lacks of late πŸ˜‰


Thank you for checking this out.
See you in the Wasteland

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Athenian Greek Hoplites with Thracian support

I have not taken any close ups of my Hoplite army till now, as I have finally finished the bases I’m not as embarrassed for them to be seen by other Ancients and historical gamers!

Please note that not all shields are finished, as it is hard to find time to paint for a long time in a row, because it’s best if I do a bunch in one sitting rather than trying to paint one at at a time πŸ˜‰ I am hoping I will finish them soon!

You can see the Thracian Unit in the middle with the purple gold and yellow I used Xyston miniatures for them and for the front line of Hoplites and for Thracian Peltasts in the back row.

And from the left and right flanks I have some old Essex Hoplites in leather armour. The ones on the right are the most done all most all the shields have crest painted on them.

And the basecamp is from

With some Essex command units and a pig farm

Well that’s it for my Greek army I’m also working on an new army playing around with the idea of a Chav heavy army for my next one πŸ™‚

Thanks for checking them out!

Well I better sign of lads

See you in the wasteland!

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“Mortem et Gloriam” at a glance

So today I had a free day so I went sat and watched some of my historical war gaming buddies play “Mortem et Gloriam” a very different take on 15mm Historical war gaming. Then I am used to with DBM or Feilds of Glory, They explained the game mechanics to me as they played the game so I could learn to play it . I do very much like that it’s a, I move a unit you move a unit, and so on till all units are moved , and that in combat phase when it’s your attack both sides resolve attacks and take damage simultaneously.

The card priority mechanic is nice

Here is how it works (excerpt from {MeG} website:


“Damage is cause by rolling the special Mortem et Gloriam Death Dice. These are a set of dice in five colours: BLACK, WHITE, GREEN, YELLOW and RED. There are three symbols on the dice: a Skull, a Crossed Sword & Arrow, and a fancy S (short for “special”).Β  When you roll the Death Dice, a Skull symbol kills an enemy base – simple! The Crossed Sword & Arrow symbol causes a wound – and two wounds kill a base. And the fancy S generates special effects.

So in the game you will roll these dice for each column of bases shooting or fighting in order to damage opposing troops. The better your troops are, compared to your opponents, the better the dice you roll. RED dice are brutal and have 2 Skulls, 3 Crosses and an S. BLACK dice are timid in comparison, and have only one Cross, an S and four blank faces that do nothing. So, put simply, your job as Army Commander is to get your troops into a position to roll the largest number of the best dice in order to break your opponent.”

Leaning your troops

“You have a wide range of tactical options and choices to make as an Army Commander. These are all managed using Mortem et Gloriam Command Cards. The cards mirror the colours of the Death Dice with BLACK, WHITE, GREEN, YELLOW and RED cards. There are 8 BLACK, 12 WHITE, 16 GREEN, 12 YELLOW and 6 RED in each pack. The basic concept is the same as the Death Dice – RED cards are the best and BLACK the worst. RED cards will allow sophisticated moves, BLACK cards generally allow nothing at all.

The final twist in the movement part of the game is that there are three types of troops: Drilled, Formed and Tribal. Drilled troops find things easy to do – so rarely need better than a GREEN card to do things. Tribal troops find all but the basics more difficult, and will often need YELLOW and RED cards to do sophisticated things. There is a rich variety of different moves to choose from in the game – the cards are used to pay for all of these. So more cards, of better colours will always be a good thing.”


“The Command Cards are played alternately in Mortem et Gloriam – you play a card to prompt an action, then your opponent and so on. This creates a system of movement that is inter-woven rather than the I-move-everything /you-move-everything of recent decades. Instead you will find there is an ebb and flow of actions and counters occurring continuously. Better Generals with Drilled troops can react more easily to an opponent’s actions than poorer Generals with Tribal troops. You will also find yourself playing your cards in different phases of the game to perform tasks during fighting as well as movement. There is simply no such thing as “my go” – both players are involved all the time.”

Fast and furious

“Mortem et Gloriam is designed to be played at a fast pace. The pre-amble phase of the battle has all the grand tactical options you need, but they are resolved quickly – so you will usually be in action within 20 minutes of moving the first troops. The game is designed to be a fast moving and bloody affair, and like most battles, even as the victor you will usually have suffered – hence, “nobody gets out unscathed!” The game is designed to be played to a conclusion in 2 hours once you are familiar with it.”

For more on this check out

Also I would like to point out that the army list for all eras are free on line to down load!

So Mortem et Gloriam may not yet be the most widely played Ancients game out there!

ADLG – L’Art de la Guerre

Might be more available as it has a good fallowing out there in the gaming world, but my game group prefers the more unusual gaming experience so I’ll be joining them occasionally for Mortem et Gloriam. So after today I think I am going to get the starter set that comes with the Rules, dice, cards and references sheets. To get me started. I still have all my movements templets from when I used to play Fields of Glory and DBM.

Next post I’ll post my Athenian Hoplite army !

Better sign off now!

See you in the wasteland!

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Back into the hive!

I’m slowly getting my terrain back to the awesome collection of Necromunda terrain I used to have back in the day, but who New it would come back a 3rd time I thought after the 2002 rerelease fade away in about 2006 I thought it was done other then The diehard fans who kept it alive online, but I’m glad it’s back and I plan to get every Gang and just keep this game going for as long as I can πŸ˜‰ that said I still have a lot to do and I’m going to be busy all month on this project!

Also a friend of mine laser cut pallets out of MDF for me ,which I put crates and gas cans and barrels on, they work really good for cover on walkways and bridges;) I’m very happy with how my STC Ryza-pattern ruins turned out!

More on Necromunda terrain soon!

See you in the Wastelands!

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