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I am Crazy about table top war games! I love the hobby aspect of the table top war game and the infinite worlds I can create and escape too.

A look back at old Space Marines

So today I have busted out my RTo1 Imperial Space Marines after I found this video today that made me very happy. Sort of a tribute to all the old Space Marines that have come and gone, but not forgotten! … Continue reading

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I’ve finally joined Instagram! Miniatures, Terrain, Painting, Tutorials and more.

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Adepticon 2019

Wow I’m having a blast a my first Adepticon ! it’s better than what I expected! I want to thank Jeremy Olsen from Empire of Ghosts for Hosting an Awesome Necromunda tournament his terrain is amazing I have seen it … Continue reading

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I’m have trouble picking my army’s for AdeptiCon!?!

This year will be my first AdeptiCon and I’m super excited! I’m going with my two best mates from the game club I’m in, and we are all signed up for GW games from Adeptus Titanicus, to Net-EA, and Necromunda … Continue reading

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AoS Soul Wars Terrain

Finally settled on a paint thyme for my Games Workshop Terrain kits. I really like the colour scheme That GW went with for the the Nighthaunts army, so I thought I would try to do a whole table worth of … Continue reading

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Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Servohaulers weathering

Hello and happy New year everyone! So over the holiday I got some new MiG Weathering paint the brush able/ air brush paint , and some AK-Interactive weathering brushes. I got Dark Rust(A.MIG-041) medium rust(A.MIG-040) And light rust(A.MIG-039) So I … Continue reading

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Hired Guns & Hangers-On

Necromunda is an unsavory place with all manners of insidious things lurking in the the shadows of the Underhive, so why not take back up!?! If you have the coin or credit to bring more muscle to get the upper … Continue reading

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Necromunda gang Orlocks

I can’t wait any longer I need to post my Necromunda gang , so with out further a-due, meet My Orlock gang “Orange 9mm” …named after the hardcore band of the same name! ;P So you may notice i have … Continue reading

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Welcome to my under hive

I’m almost ready to post my gang and someone bounty hunters and hangers on this weekend. Just a little more paint is required. In the meantime here is the set up from my last League game. My terrain is getting … Continue reading

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Behold my Beholder

So I’m not much for painting Dungeons and Dragons figures these days but I really like the Wizkids line of pre-primed minis for D&D, there are of a good quality plastic rubber mix some what ridged but still flexible! Plus … Continue reading

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