Adepticon 2019

Wow I’m having a blast a my first Adepticon ! it’s better than what I expected!

I want to thank Jeremy Olsen from Empire of Ghosts for Hosting an Awesome Necromunda tournament his terrain is amazing I have seen it before online and I have even used some of his ideas for inspiration for my own terrain.

I took best painted army in the Thursday night tournament which took me by surprise I thought there was at least two better looking then mine. but players choose which gang they think is the best painted I’m super happy right now I’m so excited I can’t sleep right now I up at 2:45am doing this post and painting minis for Saturday night game because I can’t sleep o.O

Some photos of the brilliant terrain tables!

And some close ups of my favorite terrain features

well I need to touch up both my epic ork Army and My 2nd ed 40k Ork army for my next games, I’ll will post more this week from Adepticon! Best part was getting to go to the Forge World GW Both! so much awesomeness was bought,I got my “Event only” Space Marie captain some Necromunda weapons upgrade kits and new bounty hunters! and much more. well that’s it for now. And I’ll see you in the wasteland… or Adepticon ;P

About vongutenboom

I am Crazy about table top war games! I love the hobby aspect of the table top war game and the infinite worlds I can create and escape too.
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