Yeah got my first Shadow War game in finally!

So I got talked into joining my local game stores Shadow War campaign! They lured me in with SW tokens quick reference cards and a wristband, they didn’t exactly have to twist my arm much 😉 so I placed them in my old Armageddon ordinance tin for effect!

So finally got to play a game after much waiting on my preorder book only to have life keep me preoccupied once I got the book! But I didn’t get to sit down and fully read the book until Tuesday night I got it Saturday morning it was painful, like an itch you can’t scratch! ;D but that’s past now and I have built a SM Scout army with Howling Griffins I’m using the Rogue Trader Compendium alternate paint job  with camo and spots for my unit! It’s something I have been wanting to do for 26 years now, why has it taken this long 😉 

For the Game itself, I was quite happy with the return to 2Ed with a twist! I am very happy that I can take Clip harnesses so my scout snipers don’t fall off high spots and instead just get pinned down where they are! For my first game me and a mate  just went for fun we each took a heavy weapon just to try out overwatch to see if it was still a fun rule or if it got effected by the new rule, happy to say we both found it still a fun aspect of SW (Necromunda 2) 😉 as I keep calling cus that’s what it is! Well Auto Cannons are still very  lethal in overwatch I must say I got a scout taken out of action 4th turn to foolishly walking to close to his Chaos gunner with a auto cannon perched up high!

The one thing I liked a lot was not having to write down things every turn and have to keep track of who shot Who for exp!

I have a lot of terrain I’m working now it’s been keeping me very busy! Even to the point were my kill team is getting neglected for painting! Here is some of what I painted since Monday

Well that’s it for this post I have swapped all other games to the shelves for now because I have been waiting 15 years for Necromunda 2 and damn it I’m going to play it till I’m mostly sick of it haha that problem won’t happen;) but I can try!  I apologize in advance I will be mostly posting about Shadow War for the next few months or at least until the campaign ends 😉 Ttfn and happy gaming all!



About vongutenboom

I am Crazy about table top war games! I love the hobby aspect of the table top war game and the infinite worlds I can create and escape too.
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