Making bases for Malifaux 

So if your like me and you got into Malifaux and you bought a box of Malifaux terrain from Plastic Craft Games and saved the excess faom plastic board from the terrain, it makes good basing material, its firm like plasticard but soft enough to be scored with just clay sculpting tools! 

I use the standard Warhammer-40k 25mmbase, upside down to trace the inside measurements of The Malifaux base it’s about 25mm in the sunken area of the base! From there I cut the circle out with small scissors or a exacto blade. 

Then I use a mechanical pencil to mark what I want to remove with a  blade, then I use clay tools to define the shape here I’m doing wooden planks For a bayou decking look and the gaps will have swamp or bog between them.

And now I that’s left for me to do is add bits of staticgrass at the edges for that bayou look! I plan to paint the water darker then ad stillwater affects to finish it off the repainted the base edge!

Well that all I have for now hope this is useful in some way to some one out there! 😀 thx for stopping by!


About vongutenboom

I am Crazy about table top war games! I love the hobby aspect of the table top war game and the infinite worlds I can create and escape too.
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