Making Mordheim Buildings Part 1

So I’m back after a long trip, loved Paris France, the food was awesome and I love there Architecture! ,that and my brief trip over to Cambridge and then to Leicester got me into the mood to do Mordheim again.  Mordheim is a out of print fantasy skirmish game by Games Workshop that combines “Warhammer Fantacy”with “The Black Plague” mixed with the “Grate Fire of London in 1666”.  It was mainly the Tudor period (1485–1603) and onwards,  architectural style of Medieval architecture That made Up the bulk of building in that time period , I saw some good ones that still stand to this day and they inspired me to build a new board and buildings that can be use for both Mordheim and FrostGrave. I am including some photos from my trip.


Down town Leicester , Tudor style building.

So to get started I am making a modular board with 12″x 12″ square cork board sheets , and I am using craft foam (sometimes called fun foam) in black and I attached it to the bottom using spray adhesive. Next I build up hight with corigated shipping spacers, cardboard works to but it takes more layers to build up, Iam surround I got the cardboard with cut up pieces of foam board and I am pealing of the outer layer of paper as it allows me to carve in stone shapes in the exposed foam. So the up shot of doing all this is I get a light weight board that’s Fairly strong.


If you don’t what you edges to be sticky, mask of the edges of the cork board with masking tape  before you spray . For best results I lightly spray both sides that touch.

So I may make some boards 2 times the hight of stander human for variation. And some flat boards to give me options.


As you can see in the photo with two boards side by side I carved in stones and bricks the bricks help separate each board other wise the stones would not match up. I hope to have some painted boards soon, I’ll post them when I have them painted .


I am adding sewers to some boards for scenarios where Skaven can pop out of the sewers! I am making removable sewer grates. 😀

The addition of the sewers should add a new dimension to the game play with custome Scenarios. I can’t wait to finish this project!

More photos from my trip , from right to left: Notre-Dame Cathedral back side is my favorite part the small Annex with flying buttresses so beautiful. next photo is a gorgeous Model  I saw in the  De L’architecture & Du Patrimoine , well worth the trip to see all the awesome architecture exhibits, as I am a architecture buff, it was one of my favorite museums I went to. Which may be obvious if you have seen a lot of my building blog posts. Lastly separated at birth me and my brother Eiffel !  Haha ;P but seriously I did have a lot of people run up and take selfies in front of me when ever I was near touristy places 🙂 but my hair is a sort of architecture if you think about it 😉 ttfn!

About vongutenboom

I am Crazy about table top war games! I love the hobby aspect of the table top war game and the infinite worlds I can create and escape too.
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5 Responses to Making Mordheim Buildings Part 1

  1. This was a great read. Glad you enjoyed your trip. The terrain is looking amazing. I love cork tiles so now, after reading this I’m considering doing something modular with them. I was going to use pollyfilla for landscaping but will that warp the cork tiles due to the water content?

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  2. Azazel says:

    Looks like a great and inspirational expedition to Paris!


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