Yeah got my first Shadow War game in finally!

So I got talked into joining my local game stores Shadow War campaign! They lured me in with SW tokens quick reference cards and a wristband, they didn’t exactly have to twist my arm much 😉 so I placed them in my old Armageddon ordinance tin for effect! 

So finally got to play a game after much waiting on my preorder book only to have life keep me preoccupied once I got the book! But I didn’t get to sit down and fully read the book until Tuesday night I got it Saturday morning it was painful, like an itch you can’t scratch! ;D but that’s past now and I have built a SM Scout army with Howling Griffins I’m using the Rogue Trader Compendium alternate paint job  with camo and spots for my unit! It’s something I have been wanting to do for 26 years now, why has it taken this long 😉 

For the Game itself, I was quite happy with the return to 2Ed with a twist! I am very happy that I can take Clip harnesses so my scout snipers don’t fall off high spots and instead just get pinned down where they are! For my first game me and a mate  just went for fun we each took a heavy weapon just to try out overwatch to see if it was still a fun rule or if it got effected by the new rule, happy to say we both found it still a fun aspect of SW (Necromunda 2) 😉 as I keep calling cus that’s what it is! Well Auto Cannons are still very  lethal in overwatch I must say I got a scout taken out of action 4th turn to foolishly walking to close to his Chaos gunner with a auto cannon perched up high!

The one thing I liked a lot was not having to write down things every turn and have to keep track of who shot Who for exp! 

I have a lot of terrain I’m working now it’s been keeping me very busy! Even to the point were my kill team is getting neglected for painting! Here is some of what I painted since Monday 

Well that’s it for this post I have swapped all other games to the shelves for now because I have been waiting 15 years for Necromunda 2 and damn it I’m going to play it till I’m mostly sick of it haha that problem won’t happen;) but I can try!  I apologize in advance I will be mostly posting about Shadow War for the next few months or at least until the campaign ends 😉 Ttfn and happy gaming all!


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Shadow War Armageddon

New SWA terrain

Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Magnavent

So with SWA preorders coming tomorrow those that were lucky enough to get a copy will be will be very busy assembling there new terrain and reading their new rules books! I only managed to get my hands on a preorder for  The
Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Magnavent terrain. Which I will pick up with the new White Dwarf as it has the stat cards for the Adeptus Mechanicus Skitarii !

So untill most of us get the game here is a battle rep from my favorite Vlogger Ash from Guerrilla Miniature Games.

He did a battle Rep for Shadow War Armageddon! Yeah! 😀

enjoy! I’ll post more when I have more done! 😀


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Malifaux tournament 

So I finally got to play in a Malifaux tournament! It was a lot of fun despite getting my ars handed to me! ;P I think I placed second to last which was a bid of a disappointment considering there was a prize for last place! the only reason I didn’t come in last place, was my team was painted ! Image that! 🙂 here is my team lead by Tara!

Herald of Obliteration plus Hans and Killjoy’s proxy The Carver!

So my worst luck was first game, Turn two Killjoy pops up from buried and is one shot by Seamus with a red joker. I was a bit sad as I had bought him the night before the tournament built and painted him and he is One shot-ed to death 😛 oh well two more games too do better! 

Killjoy/ the Carver insta-killed turn 2 😦

On my last game had a bit of an F-up Carver got to close to his master and wrecked Tara. Almost killed her but I managed to disengage The Carver from her to spare them both!

Also this board is my terrain I lent the Henchmen running the tournament! .

Also Hans was the MVP of the second game he got first blood did Severe damage to a croolagen first turn on a positive flip of double 13’s!

Well I can’t think of anything else but I hope to post more of my Malifaux terrain ideas this month! Before I get back heavily into Frostgrave! I have to finish both my warbands and the city tiles this month before our tournament starts up at the end of the month. 🙂 TTFN

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Malifaux Outcast team 

They are coming together nicely!


So I wanted to show off how the bases are coming out, there not 100% done yet they still need some swamp weeds, like clumps of static grass poking out of the boards and edges of the bases to finish the look I’m going for. I do like how the deck boards look Better when I carve them in the PVC foam board than when I have used balsa wood in the past .  
My first box set is nearly fished ” Herald if Obliteration” with Nothing Beast , Tara, Karina, And the Void Wretches! I like they way they’ve turning out! Oh and the 3 models on the left hand side of the first photo are the new Wild West Exodus minis that finally cleared Kickstarter and are now in game stores! The models are very nice I gave some cowgirls swords so I could have some outlaw ronin to match my old west them I was going for.

Karina, Vanessa, Tara

A closer look at Big Jake! So when I first saw him in the store I thought he would make a great               Baron Samedi so I painted him to look like the keeper in the realm of the dead , plus I think painting skulls on 28mm models faces is a fun challenge! 🙂 

Baron Samedi

So I’m still kind of new to Malifaux and I really like the fate deck flipping mechanic it feels right for a game that’s set in place were gambling and debauchery are common place in the backwaters of Malifaux. Any way I’ll leave you with some photos of how my game terrain is coming out! I’ll do a terrain post when I have more to show! Thx

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Making bases for Malifaux 

So if your like me and you got into Malifaux and you bought a box of Malifaux terrain from Plastic Craft Games and saved the excess faom plastic board from the terrain, it makes good basing material, its firm like plasticard but soft enough to be scored with just clay sculpting tools! 

I use the standard Warhammer-40k 25mmbase, upside down to trace the inside measurements of The Malifaux base it’s about 25mm in the sunken area of the base! From there I cut the circle out with small scissors or a exacto blade. 

Then I use a mechanical pencil to mark what I want to remove with a  blade, then I use clay tools to define the shape here I’m doing wooden planks For a bayou decking look and the gaps will have swamp or bog between them.

And now I that’s left for me to do is add bits of staticgrass at the edges for that bayou look! I plan to paint the water darker then ad stillwater affects to finish it off the repainted the base edge!

Well that all I have for now hope this is useful in some way to some one out there! 😀 thx for stopping by!

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Tzeentch Units update 

Kairic Acolytes proxies

Wow it’s been a while since my last post but what’s got me excited is the new Disciples of Tzeentch book which has been out for a few weeks now. I have been making new lists that have drastically changed the type of units I take from the older Chaos Grand  Alliance book. Which has me building new models again.
The units above are some proxies for Kairic Acolytes by converting Bloodreavers. Using leftover bitz from the mortal unit boxes of Chaos Warriors and Chaos Knights.

Kairic Acolytes Proxies

Tzeentch Lord of Chaos converted bitz from the skullreapers options and warrior head

I also made a Lord of Chaos out of the free liberator they gave out back when AoS first came out at GW Warhammer stores, not sure if the still have them but I picked mine up in Paris, at a Warhammer store in August, so some places may still have leftovers.

Flanders of Tzeentch and Pyrocaster

Screamers of Tzeentch

And sometimes I use a slaughterpriest as him self in an unbounded list or as a proxy. I painted him in what I interpreted as Tzeentch mortal unit would look like in light armour.


I apologize my minis are not always fully painted but as a Gamer with ADD I tend to always bounce from model to model painting a little here and a little here, some of my units only ever make it to what is called table ready for convention stander at least 5 colours and basing. Others tend to get all the way to detailing and highlighting but never get varnished ! I need to work on that! 😉 any way thx for reading TTFN! 

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Frostgrave Empire warband

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