Make it rust!

Nothing special today just a wip of some terrain I am painting for my Necromunda gang war campaign that my game group is starting after Adepticon is over ! I am sad I couldn’t go this year they are doing Necromunda every day of the convention and there doing both Zone Mortalis and Gang Wars! So jealous of the rest of my game group who are all going… Bastards! 😉

So there not fully done I still plan to try pigments like rust and iron fillings and what not! More on that later.

Here is a not so great photos from last weeks first game of Gang War for me!

My appointment forgot his Orlocks so I lent him my old punk Gang from back in the day 😉

As you can see terrain is sparse and lacking more paint ! I plan to paint terrain all week and hopefully I’ll remember to post it 😉 see you in the wasteland!

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New AoS Terrain project for 2018

2018/02/img_5233-2.jpg We where to begin? Well with Malign Portents just around the corner (still no launch date yet) I have volunteered to make Shyish Realm of Death terrain for my game club. I have taken inspiration form the Terminal Spires in Shyish, which I saw in my “The Realmgate wars ALL-GATES” book.
So I have done a watercolor with ink, illustration to help me focus on elements that I want to include in my terrain I’m going to make.

And I think I found a good mat for the realm of death terrain I’m making.

I hope to be done some time this month, with Malign Portents coming out some time soon! I need to be ready, because it is suppose to be a book with a new story driven campaign… From what I can tell there are 4 new chieftains one for each Grand Alliance! There purpose is to unite the grand Alliance of there alinement For example you might use the New Chaos chief MARAKARR BLOOD-SKY to unite two chaos army’s that have a mortal or demonic hatred of each other. Apparently her kin obey her without question! … Khorne has a deep seeded miss trust of All things magical and thusly Tzeentch dislikes Khorne’s barbaric blood lust and brutish force. which was part of the old story line from Warhammer Fantasy battle, But it must be said I am not sure if that story line carryover to AoS rebooted universe, I have not yet encountered it in the new books, but I don’t own all the Realmgate books yet, so if any one knows if that is still the case, I would like to know what book and chapter its in! So it may be relevant to Nagash’s story line that the Grand Alliances have to unite for the grater good! And thusly grudges are put aside for this new campaign.

I also have been working on some ruins of Sigmar old crumbled statues that may have been built after the age of myth to commemorate Sigmar and his allies

Here is my first positive mold of a statue I made for scatter terrain it is made from a plaster the kind used in making mother molds. I plan to make a silicone mold so I can then use that to pore a clear resin wiped with atomized metal powder in the mold then mix in more atomized metal powder to get a nice metal finish after it gets sanded and buffed. The silicon mold is flexible and easy to work with and I can use it to make many copies.

This piece if far from done and is still missing the helmet crest depicted in my sketch I did. I think when it comes time for that I might try plasticard first it takes well to to being Nicked with a blade. 😉 I’m definitely going to post some in progress photos soon and I’ll post both projects when there done.
And happy hobby-ing! 😉

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AoS interesting tactic in Open War, “Lethal Inferno” w/ “Take and Hold”

So today I wanted to share an open war tactic that I fell victim too, 😉 And in fairness I had not seen seen this tactic before. I had Zero chance to stop it! I will describe what this brilliant tactic was and how it helped insurance my opponents major victory. Using the Open war cards, me an a friend in the game club I’m in, played A 1100 point army list created using the “2017 Generals Handbook”. We started by randomly picking from the Open War deck piles. We got “Take and hold” for (Obj.) , “Meeting Battle” for (Twist) and “Lethal Inferno” for (Ruse). And long table side, full table half deployment. (so you can deploy all the way up to the center line!)

My opponent was playing Grand Alliance Death, while I am playing Grand Alliance Chaos. We each had 6 units in our list so, as per the “Meeting Battle” “Each player must split their army into three contingents. No contingent can consist of more than half the units in an army. It worked out that both of us got 3 contingents of 2 units each, and it ended up being 1 hero and 1 core unit in each contingent. “Each player sets up one contingent at the start of the battle using the normal rules for set up.
Next we set up the objectives like it says on the take and hold card. One Obj. In the center of the battlefield, then each player sets up one Obj. In their own territory, more then 10” from the edge of the battlefield. (Side note I am using a token for which player has control of the Obj. It is two different color fun foam circles stuck together, its effective for when you need to switch between players control of an Objective). I forgot to get a full shot of the whole table but my objective is in the left hand corner on my side of the board, its behind the forest to the left of my Chaos knights in the next photo. And my appointments is on the opposite corner from my objective.

We deploy our first contingent my opponent won the roll and was first
placing their first death rattle units of Skeleton Warriors right up next to the center Obj. So I placed my Chaos knights on my Obj. On my side,
Next my opponent placed there hero Wight King on the Obj. On their side.
Death rattle player finished deployment before me and goes first.
Turn one death player scores the center Obj. And the one on their half of the board, I mark it red for the death player. On my first turn my knights captured the objective on my half I mark it yellow for Chaos I also move my Chaos Exalted Champion up to confront the Skeleton on the center objective an proceeded to fail his charge roll with you guessed it double 1’s 😦 …so end of turn one the victory points are, death 2 chaos 1.
It’s at this point it starts to go down hill for my chaos army, death keeps hold of the initiative on the roll and continues their turn. This is where the death player invoked the (Ruse) “Lethal Inferno”! In their hero phase…. “Play this card in the hero phase to set one terrain feature within 3″of a friendly model on fire. For the rest of the battle, any models (friend or foe) that ends their movement phase either in or on the terrain feature are slain”. Wow this is going to hurt! 😉 death player moves the skeleton warriors off of the now fully engulfed rock feature in the center of the battlefield leaving my Exalted hero to burn ! Not ending their turn on the rock feature with the lethal inferno, the skeleton warriors are fine!

I now realize the brilliance of this tactic! The death player is in control of center objective and no unit can stay a whole turn on the feature with out being slain at the end of movement phase! So I can never get control of that objective for the rest of the battle! Yep I am so boned! With “take and hold” victory At the end of a player’s turn, they score 1 victory point for each objective they control. If the objective was also controlled by the player at the start of their last turn, they score 3 victory points instead.
So fast forward to the end of the 2nd turn victory points death player 6 pts Chaos 2pts
Even with my contingents coming on in the second and third turn I could never catchup from that crushing tactic at the beginning of turn 2 .
death players lead keeps growing, I never managed to capture another objective for the rest of the battle an I managed to lose my only objective on turn 4, and the final score after turn 5 is,
Death 28 major victory Chaos 7 that’s a crushing defeat
There was not much I could do but marvel at the brilliant tactic my appointment executed in our game! I don’t to want to bore everyone with the the rest of the turns it was a bit uneventful there were a few casualties on both sides form the combat phases that did succeed in charges but on the whole there was no recovery form losing the center objective to
“Lethal Inferno”. I really enjoyed the game despite the loosing so spectacularly to that maneuver! On the up side I will not fall for that again
;P Well I hope it was interesting to someone or helpful as a tactic.
I better sign off now happy gaming to you!

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Back in the Age of Sigmar saddle again!

AoS Chaos Tzeentch vs Nurgle

After a lot of Shadespire and Necromunda I’m back at the AoS gaming for awhile. And With Malign Portents around the corner AoS should be headed for some good expansions! I had had hoped it would be a Mordhiem spinoff, but it looks more like a new narrative play style focused around the dead and Nagash.

AoS Chaos Tzeentch vs Nurgle

After some well spent time painting this holiday break I got my Chaos Slaves to darkness Tzeentch army table ready. And got my first game of the new year! We did a 1800 pts using the open war cards to set the game.

AoS Chaos Tzeentch vs NurgleThe Objective we pulled was “kill the messenger,” and the twist was “Storm of Magic.”

Biggest mistake I made was forgetting to move my knights full distance as I could have got the charge first turn and got the double attacks first turn on my appointments Plague Drones of Nurgle. Hopefully next time I will have the other 5 knights fully panted 5 Knights just isn’t enough. 😀 my Tzaangor Shamen was my Messenger unfortunately he got over run by turn 3.

AoS Chaos Tzeentch vs Nurgle

Nurgle won the objective and did

surprisingly well against Tzeentch.

AoS Chaos Tzeentch vs NurgleAoS Chaos Tzeentch vs Nurgle

I’m going to have to leave this without a battle report as I didn’t take any notes this time oops.

I will try and take better notes next time! For post. Will have to take nice well lit photos of the units when I finish doing the fine detail.

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FoW Early War

“Wow apparently I had this in my WordPress draft folder,

and had never finished the post! Oops!” This post is so old it was back in 3rd edition of Flames of War. I feel like posting it anyway.

I was going to do a battle summary but it’s been too long since I played that edition I can’t remember enough to make it interesting, I think I may give another go at 4th edition but I’m still annoyed about them removing the british armoured car marmon Herrington from the British recon choices as they account of a third of my Armour recon it’s hard to play 4th without rebuilding my entire British armored recon force! But I will wait and see if they make any new books for my army and bring back any of the units that I have! Like what am I supposed to do with all my Diamler Dingoes and my Otters and my Herringtons and the heavys AEC1 and 2 nothing from what I can see! ;P I think for my next game of FoW I will at least do a sum up or a battle report with photos.

(The original post is as fallows) …Today I got to play a 1500 pt Early War game of Flames of War. It has been a while since I got a game in and it was refreshing to change my game rutine up a bit! My friend Wyn and I played the mission counterattack  ( mobile battle ) ]FoW early war Brits British Jock Column FoW early war
British Jock Column[ ]FoW early war French army FoW early war French army

123So it was never finished as a post that I intended as a battle report but liked the photo so I will just post in this state just this once! 🙂


And thanks for checking it out.

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My dream desk is now a reality

Hobby desk of the future! 😉

So the wife and I finally decided that our old desks were not affective enough, last week we both upgraded our desks to more officiant ones with built it storage!!! Old crappy desk no storage! ;P

My old crappy desk! To small not a lot of storage!

My new amazing desk!

Best feature the see through lexan plastic top you can see all your tools and what is in the top drawers! I love that I can have my current miniatures I’m painting in the drawers so I can see what I want to work on next.

The drawers go the whole length of the desk and the depth of it too! Look at all that storage! But that’s just the beginning !

So many drawer and space for tools and supplies paint brushes paint etc , I even have a drawer dedicated to bases and basing supplies!

Minis in blisters for a rainy day! 😉

So much floor space back now and it is so much easier to make progress on projects with all my tools in my desk!

So some of you maybe asking where can I get a desk like that!?! Well just so you know, there not cheep! Think the opposite of IKEA furniture! You still have to assemble most of it some of it is preassembled but it’s still like 6x more expensive than any IKEA desk!

There called, “The Original ScrapBox company”.

Just an example of what they offer! This is one of the smaller desks but look at all that storage in such a small space!!! Well now that that is done it’s time to get control of garage I bought 6 sturdy metal storage shelves to store things in plastic bins I will finally get control over 30 years of Games workshop stuff I’ve collected. Just my unassembled epic miniatures take up two 72qt hefty bins! And Just my Warhammer 40k Orks take up 4 of those bins. I need to get cracking before winter comes before it’s to cold to organize the garage. I would love to finally label all my stuff so I know what’s what! 😀

Oh before I go, here is the first terrain I knocked out on my new desk I think it’s a new wrecked In time to completion it took me only 3 hours from start to finish!

Made some lava rock With high density insulation foam. By plucking at it with wooden clay sculpting tools. I covered the foam with Mod Podge then when it dried I used black acrylic paint and dry brushed a 1 to 3 mix of black and gray blue, then I did the highlights on the highest edges with just the gray blue. Then finished off with Vallejo Weathering effects, Engine 73.817 Petrol spills. To give it a obsidian look to it. I think I’m happy with the results. Just needed some basing and it’s done I have the first two pieces for my AoS Realm of fire terrain ready for gaming!

Well that’s it for now, I’m off to build more shit 😉

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Painted Shadespire units

So normally I would not post my miniatures again till they were finished but there so close to done and the lighting was good so I took some photos.

Here are my Celestial Vindicators and Khorne bloodreavers. For my Stormcast Eternals I tried making shade glass inspired look for their bases, I’m considering making the gray into a dark green with very dark center area almost black in color then ink it! Also I may edge the light green with gloss to make it even shiner.

I am pleased with the results of my Celestial Vindicators color scheme I came up with! It will get some tweaks before their done but I’m basically happy with how they turned out, but they still need more highlights!

For my Khorne units I figured “Blood for the blood gods!” And went a bit “Sick House” on the bases! 😉

The “Blood for the blood gods” , red effect paint that GW makes is amazing for blood on miniatures I believe it contains some gloss and some medium mix to make it thicker. It dose blood spatter really well it you apply it with a ruff dry brush sparingly!

I do think I want to make my Khorne units skin even paler now that I’ve seen them on the table, they are a little to blue it was meant to be more of a shadow effect with almost a frost giant like skin tone, but I mis calculated the color. I will have to try something different. But overall I’m happy with them.

Played some more Shadespire last night got some Khorne on Khorne action with an old gaming bubbly of mine. He did some of the worst dice rolls I’ve ever seen in our gaming history together in that game it was epic misses! The Khorne dice gods were not smiling on him that day! Tho he did pull of a staggering win! With with more objectives completed then I did, I think it was like 13 to 5. :p but it was a very fun game! In my defense he has played like at least 10 games of Shadespire with Khorne and that was my first time trying Khorne 😉

I like Shadespire it it has good potential! I hope they have new boards coming out down the pipeline! And new extra cards for tweaking your decks!

Any way that’s all for now I’ll be back with some fun AoS terrain I’m working on my game group and I are trying to make a realm of fire , realm of Metal and both of the realms of Death, boards to play on! I’ll post when I have something soon! Later all!

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