AoS Soul Wars Terrain

GW Terrain kits

Finally settled on a paint thyme for my Games Workshop Terrain kits. I really like the colour scheme That GW went with for the the Nighthaunts army, so I thought I would try to do a whole table worth of terrain that matches the Realm of Death where the Nighthaunts hail from near Shyish Nadir.

GW Woods

I wanted the terrain to to have a ghostly feel to it and reflect the midnight blues and ghostly greens. To accomplish this I used the Citadel Paint APP and Citadel paints and washes and I used their approach for Teal,

Rocks and stone walkways. I start with a ‘Base’ of (Stegadon Scale Green) then a ‘Shade’ of Coelia Greenshade) then drybrush a ‘Layer” of (Sotek Green) then a light drybrush ‘Layer’ of (Temple Guard Blue) and finally my own touch I add ‘Dry” (Hellion Green) this I drybrush just the highest edges for a little more pop.

Grimghast Reapers on GW Hill

The Trees and wood arepainted w/ Rattle can of ‘Army Painter White’ then use Citadel ‘Technical’ (Nihilakh Oxide) using a wet pallet and adding just a dab of water to make it flow in the cracks better, then when its good and dry, drybrush ‘Layer” (WhiteScar) on the raised areas. When that’s done I used ‘Shade’ of (Coelia Greenshade) in the knotholes and the base of the trees for a shadow effect.

For open ground I have been using ‘Layer’ (Dark Reaper) then ‘Shade'(Nuln Oil) then when dry I lightly drybrush “Layer’ (Ahriman Blue) then finish with a realy light brybrushing of ‘Dry” (Hellion Green) and i link it kind of ties the colours together in an OK fashion 🙂

Steelhart’s Champions in Garden of Morr

I really Like the Garden of Morr set, I’m just sad its taken me 2 years to final start painting the darn things. I’ve had them just rattle can gray for ever. The roofs of the crypts got painted with ‘Layer (Hashut Copper) then ‘Shade’ of (Agrax Earthshade) then i came back later and did oxidization with ‘Technical’ (Nihilakh Oxide) in light streaks then light drybrushing on just the raised areas and highest points w/ ‘Dry” (Hellion Green).

I still need to paint all details the grave stones and other details, hopefully soon. So i have also been trying to get my miniatures bases more in thyem with my terrain as well, as seen here my Steelhart’s Champions from ShadeSpire i gave their bases a ShadeGlass glow from the cracks in the bases, I really like the effect it give them.

GW Woods, Garden of Morr

Once I Finish all my Realm of Death terrain I will try to do them Real of Metal! using the descriptions from the AoS back stories and some insperation from the Art in the books I think i can do some interesting things!

thanks for stopping by. See you in the Wastland!

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Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Servohaulers weathering

Hello and happy New year everyone!

So over the holiday I got some new MiG Weathering paint the brush able/ air brush paint , and some AK-Interactive weathering brushes. I got Dark Rust(A.MIG-041) medium rust(A.MIG-040) And light rust(A.MIG-039)

So I tried to recreate the 1950’s teal paint that all industrial Machines of that time seem to have. So I did a base coat of Thunderhawk Blue then Temple Guard blue, then using the AK weathering brush 576, lightly stipple the dark rust on first in random locations and near cracks or joints or edges. Next I use the medium rust and stipple around the dark rust trying to make a edge affect . Then a spattering of light rust just at the edges of were the rust meets the blue paint so it looks like newly formed rust that’s eating away at the existing paint. And finally i finish the rust look with GW Brown ink (Agrax Earthshade) but any brown ink would work to help take the brightness of the blue down and darken the rust a bit. . . . (Update you can see the difference of how bright the blue looks before I darken it with the brown ink , in photos 2 and 3 you can see I have painted the oil drums in the same blue )

I very happy with the results the brush works very well for laying down a random rust effects and can do oil streaking and water and grime stains very well. Also I feel the MiG rust paint works very well straight out of the bottle I used my wet pallet for all the paints I used on this GW tractor from the Sector Mechanicus Galvanic Servohaulers.

I’m very happy with the final results and can’t wait to finish painting the other pieces of the set like this.

I think it will make a perfect edition to my Necromunda and Killteam boards !

Thanks for coming by, See you in the Wasteland!

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Hired Guns & Hangers-On

Necromunda is an unsavory place with all manners of insidious things lurking in the the shadows of the Underhive, so why not take back up!?! If you have the coin or credit to bring more muscle to get the upper hand why wouldn’t you get some cheap help! like “Hive Scum” or if your doing well how about Bounty Hunters that have a variety of skills which can be picked from or just randomized, or if your gang is well established you could get bounty hunters with great reputation for destruction and death. Or even a named Bounty Hunter!

Rogue Doc, Servo-Skull, Dome Runner,

Rogue Doc, Servo-Skull, Dome Runner,

Bounty Hunter, Slopper, Phyrr Cat- (Augmented),

Bounty Hunter, Slopper, Phyrr Cat- (Augmented),

There are quite a few bounty hunters with legendary reputation and there names are known throughout the underhive!

Mad Dog Mono, Gor Half-Horn,

Mad Dog Mono, Gor Half-Horn,

you So I like the idea of hired guns and hangers on in the Necromunda Universe because they adds flavor to that universe, Besides the gangs ,other people and creatures trying to scratch out a living in the Underhive. These allow you to interact with some of these that dwell in the depths of the hive. Above are my versions of some of these hired guns and hangers on for my campaign allies.

My favorite kit bash I’ve done in awhile has to be my Rogue Doc’ (He is built from a plastic chaos cultists body, Skitarii head a 2nd edition Eldar las-pistol a Astra Militarum tempestus scions medic arm, and I think i used someone kit from a Gray Knights sprue.)

I do like that you can make them however you like there no wrong way to make hive scum any GW bitz can become a model.

As for the Forge World bounty hunters there very nice models but with resin models they really need to be washed with warm water and clean off a lots of flashing and resin sprue before you can glue them. So I have not assembled all my bounty hunters yet I will in time! 😉

but that said they’re totally worth it in game I have pulled off some amazing knock out with them Gor Half- Horn, he is lethal in close combat or at short range especially if you are willing to risk a wound to max overcharge his Plasma pistol it gets him a strength 7. and -2AP with A Damage of 3 .

any how I still have plenty to do, those Sector Mechanicus building aren’t going to paint them selves! 😛 I’ll cover some more bounty hunters when I finish them. And with that I’ll see you in the wasteland!

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Necromunda gang Orlocks

I can’t wait any longer I need to post my Necromunda gang , so with out further a-due, meet My Orlock gang “Orange 9mm” …named after the hardcore band of the same name! ;P

Hawk, Deacon, and Dax

So you may notice i have painted the front ark in with caution stripes the leader in a yellow orange mix champions in orange & black, gangers in yellow & black and juves green & black. And I put names on the back of their bases.

Hawk, Deacon, and Dax

Brother Zug, and Zag

Brother Zug, and Zag

Slag, Diesel, and Rust

Slag, Diesel, and Rust

Vuve1 and Juve2

Vuve1 and Juve2

So I finally after much pondering I picked a paint scheme for my Orlock gang, black base , orange accents , dark blue/black shirts and purple/blue arm bands. And lots of metal and rust! ;p

You may have noticed my juves don’t have names or coloured hair That’s because they have to earn that in combat by getting experience and leveling, then they get that Honor 😉

There not done I will still do more highlights and edge work with metallics and what not, but this will do till the league is over I will have them done and ready for this coming Adepticon.

This week I’ll post my hangers on and my finished bounty hunters in my next post!

Thanks for checking them out and I’ll see you in the wasteland!

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Welcome to my under hive

I’m almost ready to post my gang and someone bounty hunters and hangers on this weekend. Just a little more paint is required. In the meantime here is the set up from my last League game. My terrain is getting more to where I want it, i still have plenty left to paint, just sitting in a box waiting for me to slap paint on!








So far my favorite pieces are the two building / storage rooms I made from new and old Necromunda doors and bulkhead and walkways and a bit of plastic scrap! Which can be seen in photo #5 and in photo #7 and a part of one in #2 if you want to take a closer look. I still want to have more second level building and walkways maybe even a few 3 story structure!

Well here’s hoping I finish my Gang and post it this weekend!

Thanks for checking it out and I’ll see you in the wasteland!

——-(Added after my original post!)——–

#8 FLG urban Chaos 4”x6” Mat

#9 FLG urban Chaos 4”x6” Mat I tick of our game clubs mat

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Behold my Beholder

So I’m not much for painting Dungeons and Dragons figures these days but I really like the Wizkids line of pre-primed minis for D&D, there are of a good quality plastic rubber mix some what ridged but still flexible! Plus it’s nice to be able to open one up and just start painting! Something I have been missing in My GW model kits I am a little annoyed about GW’s new approach to model kits, are to many pieces and options it took me 2 weeks to get just one Adeptus Titanicus Warlord titan assembled and base coated! This took me just 3 hours rounded up, to paint from pulling it out of the package!

I was inspired by a photo of a burning log for this paint scheme and went with cool colours for the eyes to give a nice contrast from the body’s colour.

What also impressed me was how well it took to watered down GW paints the base coat whet on very quickly, think it was less the 10 minutes! I like using a wet pallet to get the best paint consistence so I have better control over where the paint can go.

Here are some in progress photos so you can see it with out the eyes and main eye Veins and shadowing!

Not sure if anyone will be that keen on a brightly painted Beholder but I like it! 😀

Any way thank you for checking him out leave a like if you dig him! 😉

And I’ll see you in the wasteland!

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Adeptus Titanicus

So after 2 decades of waiting for A Titanicus reboot I am a very happy camper as they say! Finally after weeks of assembling me an a friend got to play a game using one of each titan and a unit of 3 Knights each, supposedly that qualifies as a Maniple but witch one I don’t know! ;P We played with the basic rules for the first game as not to complicate it to much!

I am very enamored with how they managed to keep the core feel of the game and managed to streamline the command terminals and made them essentially fluid stats keeping card as you can repair some statues in the terminals like void shields the plasma reactor and the critical damage track, but you cannot repair damage to the head body or legs.

We didn’t use stratagems cards this time just the basic mission kill the other titans 😉

I must say I really like what I’m calling the crashy-mcsplody variable essentially there are so many random things that can happen when titans experience to many critical hits and you have to roll on the catastrophic table… I will give two examples of this the first was random and hilarious!

My Reaver titan in blue made a short range attack against my friends badly damaged Reaver in green, I caused enough critical hits to hit on the catastrophic table and I did ‘LAID LOW’ the titan moves D6 in a random direction using a scatter dice, and wouldn’t you know it he roles in the direction of my Reaver with a 6″ move crashing into my body damage Reaver causing just enough damage to blow him up in the process! ;P I love that kind of chaos in my game play! The other thing I found out that was new to me was if say your Warhound titan is with in 2 inches of your Warlord titan and the Warhound explodes in place it is considered inside the Warlords Void shields and will cause direct damage to random body parts using the location dice! So lesson learned don’t have your titans to close together. And something you learn the hard way after not playing for many years is don’t let a Warhound titan get behind your Warlord titan they can never turn fast enough to shake them off your back ark which is a add 2 to the results when attacking very devastating! 😉

so that’s all I can remember that was interesting form my first game back into the titan carnage! I hope I can finish painting my titans soon, i bought the game preorder but do to a convention I was going to and prepping for and a holiday trip not that long after the con I have not had as much time as I would like to paint them… man I really miss the play the day I bought it GW games of the 80’s so much lest to assemble back then the original titans were snap fit a head a carapace the body and legs were one pice , and two arms a base with a void shield counter in the base and 4 weapons or 3 weapons and a close combat weapon 😉 enough gripping for one day old man paint something 😀

Hope fully I’ll have something to post next week !

See you in the wasteland!

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