FoW Early War

“Wow apparently I had this in my WordPress draft folder,

and had never finished the post! Oops!” This post is so old it was back in 3rd edition of Flames of War. I feel like posting it anyway.

I was going to do a battle summary but it’s been too long since I played that edition I can’t remember enough to make it interesting, I think I may give another go at 4th edition but I’m still annoyed about them removing the british armoured car marmon Herrington from the British recon choices as they account of a third of my Armour recon it’s hard to play 4th without rebuilding my entire British armored recon force! But I will wait and see if they make any new books for my army and bring back any of the units that I have! Like what am I supposed to do with all my Diamler Dingoes and my Otters and my Herringtons and the heavys AEC1 and 2 nothing from what I can see! ;P I think for my next game of FoW I will at least do a sum up or a battle report with photos.

(The original post is as fallows) …Today I got to play a 1500 pt Early War game of Flames of War. It has been a while since I got a game in and it was refreshing to change my game rutine up a bit! My friend Wyn and I played the mission counterattack  ( mobile battle ) ]FoW early war Brits British Jock Column FoW early war
British Jock Column[ ]FoW early war French army FoW early war French army

123So it was never finished as a post that I intended as a battle report but liked the photo so I will just post in this state just this once! 🙂


And thanks for checking it out.

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My dream desk is now a reality

Hobby desk of the future! 😉

So the wife and I finally decided that our old desks were not affective enough, last week we both upgraded our desks to more officiant ones with built it storage!!! Old crappy desk no storage! ;P

My old crappy desk! To small not a lot of storage!

My new amazing desk!

Best feature the see through lexan plastic top you can see all your tools and what is in the top drawers! I love that I can have my current miniatures I’m painting in the drawers so I can see what I want to work on next.

The drawers go the whole length of the desk and the depth of it too! Look at all that storage! But that’s just the beginning !

So many drawer and space for tools and supplies paint brushes paint etc , I even have a drawer dedicated to bases and basing supplies!

Minis in blisters for a rainy day! 😉

So much floor space back now and it is so much easier to make progress on projects with all my tools in my desk!

So some of you maybe asking where can I get a desk like that!?! Well just so you know, there not cheep! Think the opposite of IKEA furniture! You still have to assemble most of it some of it is preassembled but it’s still like 6x more expensive than any IKEA desk!

There called, “The Original ScrapBox company”.

Just an example of what they offer! This is one of the smaller desks but look at all that storage in such a small space!!! Well now that that is done it’s time to get control of garage I bought 6 sturdy metal storage shelves to store things in plastic bins I will finally get control over 30 years of Games workshop stuff I’ve collected. Just my unassembled epic miniatures take up two 72qt hefty bins! And Just my Warhammer 40k Orks take up 4 of those bins. I need to get cracking before winter comes before it’s to cold to organize the garage. I would love to finally label all my stuff so I know what’s what! 😀

Oh before I go, here is the first terrain I knocked out on my new desk I think it’s a new wrecked In time to completion it took me only 3 hours from start to finish!

Made some lava rock With high density insulation foam. By plucking at it with wooden clay sculpting tools. I covered the foam with Mod Podge then when it dried I used black acrylic paint and dry brushed a 1 to 3 mix of black and gray blue, then I did the highlights on the highest edges with just the gray blue. Then finished off with Vallejo Weathering effects, Engine 73.817 Petrol spills. To give it a obsidian look to it. I think I’m happy with the results. Just needed some basing and it’s done I have the first two pieces for my AoS Realm of fire terrain ready for gaming!

Well that’s it for now, I’m off to build more shit 😉

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Painted Shadespire units

So normally I would not post my miniatures again till they were finished but there so close to done and the lighting was good so I took some photos.

Here are my Celestial Vindicators and Khorne bloodreavers. For my Stormcast Eternals I tried making shade glass inspired look for their bases, I’m considering making the gray into a dark green with very dark center area almost black in color then ink it! Also I may edge the light green with gloss to make it even shiner.

I am pleased with the results of my Celestial Vindicators color scheme I came up with! It will get some tweaks before their done but I’m basically happy with how they turned out, but they still need more highlights!

For my Khorne units I figured “Blood for the blood gods!” And went a bit “Sick House” on the bases! 😉

The “Blood for the blood gods” , red effect paint that GW makes is amazing for blood on miniatures I believe it contains some gloss and some medium mix to make it thicker. It dose blood spatter really well it you apply it with a ruff dry brush sparingly!

I do think I want to make my Khorne units skin even paler now that I’ve seen them on the table, they are a little to blue it was meant to be more of a shadow effect with almost a frost giant like skin tone, but I mis calculated the color. I will have to try something different. But overall I’m happy with them.

Played some more Shadespire last night got some Khorne on Khorne action with an old gaming bubbly of mine. He did some of the worst dice rolls I’ve ever seen in our gaming history together in that game it was epic misses! The Khorne dice gods were not smiling on him that day! Tho he did pull of a staggering win! With with more objectives completed then I did, I think it was like 13 to 5. :p but it was a very fun game! In my defense he has played like at least 10 games of Shadespire with Khorne and that was my first time trying Khorne 😉

I like Shadespire it it has good potential! I hope they have new boards coming out down the pipeline! And new extra cards for tweaking your decks!

Any way that’s all for now I’ll be back with some fun AoS terrain I’m working on my game group and I are trying to make a realm of fire , realm of Metal and both of the realms of Death, boards to play on! I’ll post when I have something soon! Later all!

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Keeping busy

Had some time this week to get some painting done, for my Shadespire. I went with my own take on Celestial Vindicators,

I do like the back story for them but I thought the overall color scheme was good just needed some tweaking. I’m happy with what I did, they just need to get finished now. 🙂

My Chaos are far from done. I went with a pail blue skin tone because to make the red stand out more I used the GWReikland Fleshshade to tone down the blue a bit they should in my mind look like they come from a place that never gets sun light!

So it’s been A very busy week for me so far! Ordered a new more efficient work desk it has loads of storage built into it! Here is my old less efficient desk

! I’ll post the final desk when it’s all done.

Also I needed a better shelf for my GW games and game cases to make room for the new desk so I have been cleaning all week in the hobby room to prepare for the new desks arrival this week. Here is my new shelf I just put up today.

So the top shelf is all my current Game cases that I’m playing with that month, it will change from month to month, this month is still AoS and Shadespire! The middle shelfs are my beloved GW games unfortunately my Mordheim box took a lot of damage when I moved to this house so I tossed it in the bin it was very sad. 😦 .and last but definitely not least the bottom shelf is most of my painted Epic army’s minus the ork army’s that are in a battle transport that is to big for the shelf (I posted about it last year I believe, it’s some where on my blog roll I think. Any how I’ll be posting again when me new work Space is all set up! I am so looking forward to having more room to work with!

TTFN and see you next time!

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I Need to avoid the hobby wobble.

Finally back to some hobbies! Nothing like a quiet night in, having a beer watching Aliens and assembling models. I finished assembling my Shadespire models.

I will start painting them this week.

Have been working peristaltic stops and starts on my AoS Orks they are coming along… slowly.

I aim to have them finished by December, we’ll see only time will tell.

So I feel like I’m in a constant battle to keep all my GW games up to useable status! This year First it was Shadow War, so I made a kill team for that, then it was AoS skirmish so I started an ork warband for that. Then it was 40k 8th ed so I started fixing my Death Skullz Orks up , then we got Path to glory which I started increasing my AoS Orks to a larger army size. I am still adding units when I finish the ones I have! ;D now I have Shadespire and yes I plans to get the ork and undead upgrade sets! It’s going to be a busy winter but I do need to stay focused. Hence the post, this helps me stay in track as I can’t post anything good, if I don’t finish things.

You on the up side I did start my old hammer units I found in the garage, my Orks needed some gaps in the unit size filled an they were perfect, except for their size but we won’t hold it against them 😛 I did mount them to 32mm so they are the same as all the other Orks and consistent for melee purposes.

I’m hoping to have these to Orks fully painted this weekend and will share them when they are done.

Looking forward to my first game of Shadespire this Wednesday. In a quick read through I did detect blood bowl like elements in the mechanics of the game. I am excited about the game but will reserve judgment till I have played some games of it! Till next time.

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This gallery contains 15 photos.

My AoS GreenSkinz are getting overhauled! This month! I have been mostly playing AoS of late. I have put my Chaos army on the shelf for a bit. While I work on building my Orks up! Have played a lot … Continue reading

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Ork fighter bomber inbound!

So I’ve had this Ork bomber since they released it several years ago, built and then primed it gray then painted it bad-moons yellow then just played with it with just the base coat on, kind of boring I know but I had already bought a new GW kit and was now focused on that… as you do! 😉 … then when 8Th Ed came out I was exited to spruce up my Orks a bit like mounting my Nobs on 32mm bases and unifying the paint jobs of my Orks as they are a mix of Bad moon an Death Skullz ! So I hand painted the bomber in Abaddon Black then go over it with a big dry brush with Leadbelcher. Then went at the details with troll slayer orange.

Then I used a base of Caledor Sky to mark out the flames on the bomber,

Once all the flames were down and I was happy with the shapes they made I did a second coat of Caledor Sky then when that was dry I cleansed up the edges of the flames with Fenrisian Gray! This is where it has sat for a while I still want to hit it with some browns in places to tone down some of the orange then add exhaust port carbon scoring and even some oil drip which I plan to use the Vallejo engine weathering effects “petrol spills”, that I bought.

I still have a lot to do! I figure if I post an in progress post I’ll be more apt to finish it soon so I can post the final results!

Well I’m off now to paint something now I’m feeling

a bit productive today!

Got some AoS Orks green skins and Chaos warriors that need paint on them! 😀

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